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Mend-it FAQ


Q. Where can I buy Mend-it?

A. We're in stores all over the country, please visit our dealer page


Q. I have a store, how do I become a dealer?

A. Call us at: 805-550-7865 or drop us an e-mail


Q. How is Mend-it different than other fishing glues?

A. Mend-it dries soft, all others leave a hard-spot in your soft bait.

    Mend-it dries clear, all others dry white and crunchy.

    Mend-it dries strong, when cured your bait will be as good as new.

    Mend-it won't stick to your fingers, clothes, boat, carpet, just soft baits.


Q. How do I use Mend-it?

A.  Using the brush, apply Mend-it to the repair surfaces liberally, push the surfaces together firmly, set on a flat surface and let the glue dry (10 min)

This video shows how easy it is to repair soft plastic baits with Mend-it.


Q. I've noticed that Mend-it opens up tears in some soft baits, why?

A.  Baits often have weights and hooks molded into them as they're made. As the soft plastic cools and shrinks around the weights and hooks, it leaves a tension in the lure, this is why most swimbaits tear around the hook.

Often when applying Mend-it to these lures, the tear will increase in size because Mend-it is relaxing the tension in the lure as it primes the area for a perfect bond. While the glue is wet, wrap the bait with masking tape to hold the tear together. When it dries, it will be as good as new.


Q. Can Mend-it glue swimbait eyes on?

A.  Yes, Mend-it not only glues swimbait eyes on, but many manufacturers use Mend-it to over-coat the eyes, several coats of clear Mend-it protect the eyes from snagging and keep them intact longer than un-coated eyes.


Q. Can I customize lures using Mend-it?

A.  Absolutely! In fact, several well-known manufacturers use Mend-it to attach soft plastic skirts to their twin-tail jigs. You can add tails, mix colors, modify to your hearts content, the possibilities are endless.


Q. I still have questions, how do I get the answers?

A. If you have questions about Mend-it this page hasn't answered, please call us anytime at 805-550-7865.

We want you to enjoy using Mend-it as you save money making your soft baits as good as new!