Mend-it Q&A

Questions and Answers

Q. Where can I buy Mend-It!? A. We have dealers all over the country, please visit our dealer page by clicking here!

Q. I have a store and would like to carry Mend-It!, how do I become a dealer? A. Please call us at: 805-550-7865 or drop us an e-mail.

Q. How is Mend-It! different than all of the “super-glue” products out there? A. First of all, Mend-It! is not a glue! Mend-It! simply re-catalyzes the plastic. Mend-It! does not leave hard spots in your bait like super-glues do, Mend-It! keeps your baits soft and natural as if they were new again. Mend-It! doesn’t stick to your fingers, only to your soft plastic baits. Mend-It! leaves no residue at all and most repairs are invisible!

Q. I pulled my soft bait open to apply Mend-It! and the tear got bigger, why? A. Mend-It! “melts” the soft plastic which is why it works so well. Don’t pull the bait apart to get mend-it into the rip or tear, simply insert the nozzle and squeeze Mend-It! in to repair any size rip or tear, even baits that are in pieces can be renewed with Mend-It!. The video shows how easy it is to repair any soft plastic bait with Mend-It!. If you have any comments or questions about Mend-It! which this page has not addressed, please feel free to contact us toll free at: 805-550-7865, we welcome your input! Above all else, we want you, our customers, to be totally satisfied with your purchase of Mend-It!