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Mend-it Testimonials

Will, I've used your glue for the past several years, since I got into fishing and then got my kids into it.   I have become the neighborhood Dad that takes the kids to the ponds, and the Uncle that takes the cousins fishing in the ocean.
They are getting older and interest is taking off.  They use your glue to fix baits.   Helps me and the kids reduce our waste footprint a bit, and keeps us from depleting the baits in colors that are hard to get.  When we are catching toothy fish, we use the glue to keep on fishing.
I appreciate what you do and thanks for the great product.


Will, I just want to take the time and thank you for a great product!  I make my own soft plastic baits and have had troubles attatching skirts to certain baits, with Mend-it I can achieve a great bond.  There is an odor but it dissipates after it cures, and it is super clean and clear-perfect baits are the results.  I would like to share this with potential users of this product because you made me a believer.  Thanks again and I will most definately purchase again. Todd F


Dear Kathy,I bought my first bottle of Mend-It 2 years ago and your product has saved me thousands dollars on the soft plastic musky baits that I use. Those baits are not cheap, and anything that can be done to repair them, so that they are like new again, is worth every penny. I used to just use the hot knife method, but after a while, the bait stopped swimming correctly. Your product does not cause that problem. I swear that some of the musky baits I have are more Mend-It than plastic. I have also used it to save money on baits that I use for jigging for walleye. Toothy fish destroy soft plastics, buy your product makes them like new again. You have a life long customer and I have referred a few other people to you, so that they can save some money too. Thanks again for making a great product!

Scott Weaver


Dear Will, The Ebay feedback line doesn’t give enough space to tell all I want to say. I received the item with some skepticism. I’ve tried others that were poor. I tried it right away, it's great. It works fast, isn't messy, and the packaging's great. Others I tried always came half empty because of evaporation and were not nearly as effective. Living in the northeast, the pickerel up here shred my swimbaits and frogs while fishing for bass. I can’t keep them from biting so this will be the next best thing. Thanks again, great product, keep up the great work. Roger-Ebay customer  

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I'm a muskie fisherman so using big plastics are a large part of muskie fishing. I use a Bulldawg Pounder (a $30 bait). I had 2 of them ripped to shreads-beyond repair. I tried Mend-it on them and wow, they're as good as new. Saved me $60 bucks right there! I am gonna be sure to tell all my muskie tournment buddies about this cause this will save us time and big money! Thanks again guys!! Justin Diller



My name is Jay Schurz and I am the president of Mexican Bass Connection, LLC and El Grand Lures. On June 18th, 2008, my wife and I travelled to El Salto, Mexico to do some filming of our 5″ swimbait in action. Murphy’s Law kicked in on day-one as my cameraman was delayed so we went practice fishing. By that evening, I'd torn up 15 of my Green Tilapia swimbaits and had only brought 50 for the 5 days of fishing. As we retired for the day, I informed the manager; Tony at Anglers Inn, that I was catching many fish which were tearing my swimbaits up. Tony left and returned with a bottle of Mend-it and told me to fix the torn baits and they would be good as new. I repaired those swimbaits each evening and was able to get some great film on our swimbait. We never would have been able to get as much footage as we did had we not had Mend-it product to repair our lures each evening. I fully intend to inform my customers of this product and would never travel without it. Jay D. Schurz, President El Grande Lures

Will, As I mentioned, if you ever get anyone calling who is skeptical and wants an “independent perspective” feel free to refer them to me. Mend-it is the single best investment a soft-plastic’s angler could ever make. I know of no other fishing product that more than pays for itself the very first time you use it. And there's still enough left over to use it again, and again and again! A friend. Gord Pyzer <>< Fishing Editor Outdoor Canada Magazine Field Editor In-Fisherman Magazine and television Co-Host The Real Fishing radio show President Canadian Angling Adventures Ltd.  

FLW Pro Dave Mauldin recently traveled to Texoma on the Oklahoma/Texas border to practice for the FLW Stren tournament on May 5-8….During practice, Dave extablished a strong pattern of swimming large 5-6″ soft plastic swimbaits around boat stalls. On Day 1, Mauldin held down the #5 position, with stringer anchored by a 4# largemouth and a 4# smallmouth. On Day two, the fish bit well early on the swimbait but Mauldin ran out of swimbaits and had to resort to other techniques, which failed to produce. On the evening of Day two, Mauldin scrounged up all his torn-up swimbaits and repaired them with Mend-it and came in with another strong stringer on Day 3 to finish strong and in the money. Without the Mend-it Dave says he may not have caught any fish on Day 3. He called it a healing of Biblical proportion! Note: Dave Mauldin is the first FLW angler to ever break the 100# mark in any FLW event, with 105#8oz on Amistad, and held the overall FLW record for two years.